Button vertical alignment

Hi all,

I have a problem with the vertical alignment of buttons

As you can see, the buttons are not aligned with the other widgets. You can see it in the following link https://siberrisk.ing.puc.cl/StrongMotionDatabase

For example, for the first row of the filter options I’m doing

eventsSince = DatePicker(min_date=date(1985,  3,  3),
        max_date=date(year, month, day),
        value=date(1985, 3, 3),
                 title="Show events since", sizing_mode='stretch_width', width=pwdith)

minMagnitude = TextInput(title="Show events larger or equal than", value="4.0", sizing_mode='stretch_width', width=pwdith)

eventType    = Select(title='Event type', value='All', options=['All', 'Crustal', 'Interface', 'Intraslab'], sizing_mode='stretch_width', width=pwdith*2)

filterButton = Button(label="Apply filters", button_type="success", sizing_mode='stretch_width', width=pwdith)

And then I build a grid with all the widgets

distribution = grid([[div1, showUser_button, None, None],
                 [email, name, institution, None],
                 [country, position, purpose, register_button],
                 [div2, filter_button, None, None],
                 [eventsSince, minMagnitude, eventType, filterButton],
                 [eventsUntil, maxMagnitude, None, None],
                 [events, None, stations, download_button],
                 [inputs_plots, tabs_spectrum],
                 [data_table, p, None]], sizing_mode='stretch_width')

Please, how can I fix the vertical alignment? I’m using Bokeh 2.1.1

Thanks in advance

I found the solution, I had to add the option align to the button. For example

filterButton = Button(label="Apply filters", button_type="success", sizing_mode='stretch_width', width=pwdith, align='end')