Cached tile source tiles for offline map display


I am not sure if this has already been covered or commented on, I did do a quick search on this Discourse page. I am looking for a way to run an instance of the bokeh server locally (offline). This includes running a tile map plot using the cartodbpositron vendor. Does anyone know if it is possible to either:

  1. cache the tiles and use them offline.
  2. run a local tile server and create a custom provider.



Almost certainly possible, in principle, but I can’t give you much concrete advice except to state that if you would need to:

  • duplicate the cartodb server REST API (that’s up to you), and then
  • instantiate your own WMTSTileSource that points at your local server url

Then you could use this tile source just like the built in Cartodb ones. Alternatively, I suppose you could modify the url property of one of the built in tile sources.

Also—it should go without saying—you should first confirm that the Cartodb license/terms of use permit this kind of vendoring.