Calling from_networkx using a graph with string nodes


I am trying to incorporate bokeh into a project I am working on. I currently have networkx graphs where the nodes keys are strings. Calling from_networkx with the graph raises an error failed to validate StaticLayoutProvider(id='p1072', ...).graph_layout: expected an element of Dict(Int, Seq(Any), which originates in this line bokeh/ at branch-3.1 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub
I tried changing the typing check to Dict(Any, Seq(Any)), but this causes the code to not display anything at all.
Minimal reproducible example:

import networkx as nx

from bokeh.plotting import figure, from_networkx
from networkx.drawing.nx_agraph import graphviz_layout
G = nx.Graph()
G.add_node("A node")
from_networkx(G, nx.spring_layout)

Is there an option to easily bypass this? Or I need to change my graph to work with integers (which is a bit of a headache for me)


Bokeh graph renderers currently expect integer node indices to be used.