Can I create a plot without using a web browser?

Hi everybody.

I would like to make plots either individually or in a “plot window” instead of it opening a new tab in my web browser for every one.

I am writing a data analysis program that will create dozens of plots that need to be displayed together and the number of tabs is getting out of control with even the limited experimentation I have been doing to figure out how this works.

Have you considered using a layout, like the grid layout?

This lets you organize your figures in one browser window so you don’t have a bunch of tabs opening up.

Sorry, I know this doesn’t answer your question but it may help your issue?

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Yes, thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for.

Also worth mentioning: if you want HTML output, just not to open a window, then you can call save instead of show. Alternatively, if you mean you want PNG output (it’s not clear from the question) you can look at the export_png function.

Thanks Bryan, I will look into those, but I think using the browser as a window to hold all the plots makes sense for my application.

Cool, I tried to type something else but got a “body is too similar to what you already posted” denial.

I guess I say thank you too much.

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