Can I integrate Bokeh into Tableau?

Hi all,
I have designed a Bokeh server to collect users’ data through an editable table and gave users the ability to save the table as a CSV file. Is it possible to export this server as an interactive layer into a Tableau worksheet? If so, what are the steps?

It is possible to embed a Bokeh server application in other HTML pages, using Bokeh’s embedding APIs, but the server still has to be running an accessible somewhere. The Bokeh server is the Python process that executes all the on_change callbacks.

I think the Holoviz folks are working on some ways to “export” (Bokeh-based) Panel apps using Pyscript, so that everything can run in the browser with no separate server, but I am not up to date on those developments.

cc @James_A_Bednar1 @Philipp_Rudiger

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