Can I make a map of the area offline?

I need to make a map of the islands and what would it work without connecting to the Internet, is it possible to do this?

The approach I’d take to do this:

  • download the map tile as an image (important to get the resolution/zoom you need)
  • use PIL etc to get the image array
  • use bokeh’s image_rgba to render the image

Might be better options out there but that’s what i’d try first.

I think @gmerritt123’s suggestion is the only real one available. A GMapPlot requires network access to Googles map service, and tile renderers always require network access to a tile server. [1]

  1. Some browsers “work” with file:// URLs, but they are not supposed to, for security reasons. So I would never count on that “working” in general (i.e. physically shipping tiles with the app is not a viable possibility). ↩︎

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