Can we create our own customize tools in bokeh

Hey @Bryan can we make this tools which I have highlighted (circle) in image,


For reference, please visit this website, guide me so that i can create such tools using bokeh. Thank You.

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@internshipdeco I have no idea what the circled tools are, so I can’t do more than offer general advice. First off, it is definitely possible to create custom tools. There is an entire chapter in the User’s Guide dedicated to Extending Bokeh. You will need to start there and gain some background knowledge so that you can work on a custom tool yourself. I (or others) can help answer specific questions about an implementation you have started.

To get you going, there is already an example in the docs that specifically shows adding A New Custom Tool.

@internshipdeco I was also thinking about replicating the TradingView tools in bokeh. Did you already make some progress on that?