Cancer surveillance app

Showcase of the cancer surveillance app built using Bokeh

For a video see:

For more context on the cancer surveillance program see this presentation, given at the TU/e big data and health meeting. In the presentation we also promote Bokeh and discuss a little bit of the tooling used.

Disclaimer: the numbers and visualizations cannot be used to draw conclusions regarding cancer in the Netherlands, this is for showcasing only. See for aggregate data or file a data request via for more specific data.


@Harm This is fantastic, thank you for sharing! May we tweet this out? It looks like you have done a fair amount of templating/customization, can you describe any of the other tools or technologies you integrated Bokeh with to put this together?

Hi Bryan, thanks! Sure, feel free to tweet it out.

Our setup is as follows:

  • Python: pandas, geopandas, scipy, …
  • Object-oriented setup (statistics, regions, tumor classifications)


  • Bokeh
  • JavaScript/jquery/CSS/HTML

We used jinja2 for embedding Bokeh into the HTML and use Bokeh server to run the app.


Hi @Harm

The app looks great. I’m trying to collect some templates for building multi page apps in Panel.

Would you be willing to share your template html, css and other things needed?

I might then make the reusable and open source if ok?

The template I’m building currently looks like

Hi @MarcSkovMadsen, thanks, good to hear you like it.

The app itself is not open source yet, but I can check if we can get the multi-page behavior isolated. I sent you an invite for follow-up.

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