Cannot import name 'BasicPropertyDescriptor' from ''


I’m having trouble with importing bokeh.

how can I solve this problem?

I’ve already tried with several versions of bokeh and its still not working…

Hello @yolkandwhite

It looks like your conda installation is messed up. You certainly don’t have bokeh 2.4.1. If you look at the final error on line 28 of bokeh/core/property/ which is from .descriptors import BasicPropertyDescriptor and then look at the current state of the bokeh source code for this file at bokeh/ at branch-3.0 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub you will see that the line does not exist.

In fact this line of code was removed back in April (More HasProps cleanup by bryevdv · Pull Request #11176 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub).

I suggest you remove your conda installation and recreate it from scratch.

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