Cant get rid of the DUPLICATE_FACTOR error

Hi, I would like to plot rectangles over “segments” (called candles in the area of stock price charts).

The problem is, when I have two rectangles which start at the same time but has different end coordinates, I get the error
ERROR:bokeh.core.validation.check:E-1019 (DUPLICATE_FACTORS): FactorRange must specify a unique list of categorical factors for an axis: duplicate factors found: '07.06/18:00'

In order to draw the rectangles, I use the
fig.patch command.

Can anyone suggest me a workaround?

I understand, that the times are forced not to be equal, but I have no idea where to hack the solution into.
I also tried to add a few milliseconds to the start point of the rectangles, but this fails. Looks like bokeh creates a grid and the values are rounded onto it.

This issue is driving me nuts for months… :frowning:

Thank you!

solved… :frowning:
The problem was not in the main chart, but in one of the underlying bar-charts. Removed the unneeded things.