Can't see Bokeh Plot when accessing with IP address and Port number from another computer

Hi, I have a python script that is using a bokeh server to display flight tracks from an antenna on a map. It works fine on one computer but when I try to access this port from another computer I get the document name but the page is blank.

I’ve tried setting the following for the server arguments.
apps = {‘/’: Application(FunctionHandler(flight_track))}
server = Server(apps, port=4002, allow_websocket_origin=[“localhost:4002”])

Here is a picture of what I get when trying to access the server from another computer on the same network. Thanks for your help!

FYI localhost is already the default value for allow_websocket_origin and it means you can only open connections literally from the server that is running the app, so that is not what you want.

You would need to configure allow_websocket_origin to allow connections from whatever remote address you are viewing from (or set to "*" if you want to just disable the websocket allow-list entirely and allow connections from anywhere).

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