centering widgets in gridplot layout

Usually to adjust the position of widgets I use dummy Div widgets with no text like this:

from import show

from bokeh.plotting import figure

from bokeh.models import Button, Div

from bokeh.layouts import gridplot

figrid = [figure(plot_width=400,plot_height=400) for i in range(3)]

grid = gridplot(figrid,ncols=3,toolbar_location=‘left’)

header = Div(text=‘Center me !’)

dum1 = Div(text=’’,width=480)

dum2 = Div(text=’’,width=150)

dum3 = Div(text=’’,width=700)

button1 = Button(label=‘Push me !’,width=100)

button2= Button(label=‘Push me !’,width=100)

final = gridplot([[dum1,header],[dum2,button1,dum3,button2],[grid]],toolbar_location=None)



Is there a way to do this more precisely?

I like to use two grids instead of one so that I have the toolbar on the side of the plots and not the widgets/header