Change default redirect behavior for multi app serve

Pretty basic question. Is there anyway when running multiple apps to have the base index redirect to a specific app rather than the main page selection site.

For example if I run:

bokeh serve

I can go to localhost:5006/ and select either foo or bar to go to those apps. Or I can go to localhost:5006/foo or localhost:5006/bar.

Is there anyway to redirect localhost:5006/ to localhost:5006/foo and then if I want to go to bar I can manually type localhost:5006/bar?


Not presently. Index redirection only happens when there is one app running (because there is no question of what app to redirect to). It’s possible a configuration option could be added to allow specifying in case there are multiple apps. The appropriate next step would be a GitHub Issue for the feature request.

Thanks for the quick response! I assumed that was the answer, but just wanted to check.

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