Change visible tabs

Hello! My Tabs model holds a lot of Panels. Fortunately, when the width of all tabs is greater than the width of my layout bokeh puts arrows on the side which allow user to change the visible tabs by moving left-right (very nice feature!). Additionally, I am giving the user a possibility to change selected tab by other selection which is irrelevant in this example. The important part is that by programmatically setting “active” attribute of the Tabs I can successfully change the selected Tab.

My problem is that changing the “active” does change the highlight but if the selected Tab is not currently visible, then the user has to click through the arrows himself to reach the Tab Button that is currently selected. Is there some way for me to reach the selection arrows programmatically and do the scrolling in code at the same time I change the “active” tab? I can’t see anything like that in bokeh.models.Tabs.