Chart issue error module


Im triyng to plot your example but I received a error message :slight_smile:
File “/”, line 33, in
ch = cha.Chart(blank_labels=True, x_axis_type=‘datetime’)

AttributeError: module ‘chartify’ has no attribute ‘Chart’

This is my code>

being from your example>

import chartify as cha

ch = cha.Chart(blank_labels=True, x_axis_type='datetime')
ch.set_subtitle("Optional 'color_column' argument for grouping by color.")'png')

Thanks Im using Anaconda Spyder in Mac Os

Hi @3dVaR The Chartify package is not produced by the Bokeh team. Although it builds on Bokeh, it is an entirely separate package made by other people, and we do not have anything directly to do with it. I think you would do better to ask the Chartify developers directly on their issue tracker: