Circle glyphs move below lines when not selected: how to prevent this?

The following picture shows a plot with circle glyphs and a multiline glyph as part of a network diagram.

The “selected” circle (labelled column) is “above” the lines so they don’t enter the filled region, but the unselected ones are below the lines so they do enter. Any advice on how to make it so the glyphs are always above the lines?

Try reordering the calls to circle and multi_line to reorder the renderers.

If this is from figure.graph it would be difficult (tho not impossible I think) to re-order the renderer order, since the nodes and edges are sub-renderers coordinated by the GraphRenderer. That said are you sure the circles are not already on top, just with an alpha value that makes them transparent? I would expect selected vs non-selected to render at the same level.

I was drawing the circle glyphs manually but specifiying explicit selection_ and nonselection_ glyphs fixed the problem, thanks!