circle size list error

After upgrading to bokeh 0.12.6 I’m getting an error when I’m plotting circles with a vector of ‘size’, though not with ‘radius’. It only seems to arise when launching as an app using an already running server, not when I
launch the script using ‘bokeh serve --show’. Did something change with how I should use ‘size’, or is this a bug?

import numpy as np

import bokeh.models
from bokeh.plotting import figure, curdoc
from bokeh.client import push_session

create a plot and style its properties

fig = figure(x_range=(0, 100), y_range=(0, 100), toolbar_location=None)

x_data = np.array([0,2,4])
y_data = np.array([0, 2, 4])
size_data = np.array([1, 1, 2])

source = bokeh.models.ColumnDataSource(data={‘x’:x_data, ‘y’:y_data, ‘size’:size_data})

#OK always:‘x’, y=‘y’, radius=‘size’, source=source)

#OK if server=False; FAIL, if server=True:‘x’, y=‘y’, size=‘size’, source=source)

error handling message Message ‘PATCH-DOC’ (revision 1):

ValueError("expected an element of either String, Dict(Enum(‘field’, ‘value’, ‘transform’),

Either(String, Instance(Transform), Float)) or Float, got {u’units’: u’screen’, u’field’: u’size’}",)

server = True

if server is False:
# run with ‘bokeh serve --show’
# run ‘bokeh serve’ first, then 'python
# using: ‘Starting Bokeh server version 0.12.6 (running on Tornado 4.5.1)’

# set up session
session = push_session(curdoc())
curdoc().add_root(fig) # open the document in a browser
session.loop_until_closed() # run forever