Client-side image transforms

Hello all,

I’d like to show an Image to which an image transform is applied client-side before rendering. The parameters of the transform are controlled by UI widgets. When writing a CustomJSTransform for this, I ran into the following issue: how do I correctly allocate a “blank” array to hold the results? The xs variable in this case holds an array of one Float64Array2d, so the output should be the same type. Deep-copying xs using JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(xs)) did not work (and was very slow). What’s the right way to do this?

Thanks for help!

I don’t think CustomJSTransform applied to non-scalar columns is really very well explored territory at all. It may not be trivial or simple at the moment (or at least not obvious). I’d suggest making a GitHub development discussion about this, where we will have a better chance to catch the attention of the right folks.

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