Clinical trials simulator

Closing a triology of public health related bokeh apps I wrote a simple calculator of clinical trial results.

It can be found here:

This is helpful for a quick assessment of statistical relevance of findings reported on the medical literature. The evidence effectiveness and safety of medical products X or Y are currently a hot topic.

Comments and criticism are welcome.


Hi Ghomen,

This is very helpful, congratulations. Comparing results of two groups is a frequent analysis in my job too.
Two thoughts that you may wanna consider. Instead of just using just Sliders you may want to replace some with numeric TextInput and for target confidence level give some frequently used option via CheckboxButtonGroup. A description of the statistical methods used would be nice in a “footer” section.



Hi @Suicoleiro

Thanks for the suggestions. I chose sliders over free text because I direct “regular users” to this tool from time to time and it becomes easier for them to use the tool - my motivation for writing this tool was the lack of intuition from regular people in relation to sample sizes and what that meant for medical evidence, in the complex moment we are living.

I need to add some notes about the statistical methods used, as you suggest. I will do so and leave a comment here.

Thanks for reviewing :slight_smile:

Hi @Suicoleiro

A technical note has been added on the README: