Color Mapper using Fisher-Jenks Natural Breaks

I am developing an application that generates several color maps. LinearColorMapper could be an interesting option for a color mapping task, however, LinearColorMapper generates equal intervals, for example: be the minimum value 1 and maximum value 10, for a palette of two colors we would have the range [1, 5) and [5, 10]. Therefore, when I use the LinearColorMapper it also generates “equal intervals” for the mapping, which is a problem for me, since I lose a lot of graphic information because several regions are framed in the same interval. However, the Fisher-Jenks algorithm generates better intervals for my problem, for example, the algorithm generates intervals [1, 7) and [7, 10] for the previous example. I would like to know if it is possible to pass intervals generated by the Fisher-Jenks algorithm for color mapping. Thank you all.

I think you will have to create a custom color mapper model since none of the existing models allow you to specify the intervals explicitly.

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I think the recent ScanningColorMapper and EqHistColorMapper might be relevant as a starting reference for explicitly binned colormapping, but they don’t do exactly what you want AFAIK. It’s probably worth opening an issue to add something built-in for explicitly specified binned colormappings.

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Thanks for the answer. I’ve been researching these days and managed to solve the problem with a mapping model and FixedTicker.

Thank you Bryan! I solved the problem through a customized Color Mapper and FixedTicker. I will open an issue.