Color Picker "Color" Property Description Incomplete, Missing Period

"property type: ColorHex
“The initial color of the picked color (named or hexadecimal)”

The fact that all the descriptions around this one terminate their sentences with a period, even singleton ones, and this one does not, suggests there was some copy-paste error to explain its incompleteness. The “Color” property also reflects the currently selected color.
Possible rewrite:
“The initial then most recently selected color of the picked color (named or hexadecimal).”

@Kyle_Marcroft if you would like to submit a quick PR to update the helpstring that would be appreciated, the line in question to change is here:

In order to avoid the temporal complexity in the help string, I might alo further suggest simply:

The current color value (named or hexadecimal) for the color picker.”

Where is there documentation on how to do a PR? @Bryan I would be quite pleased to contribute to Bokeh in what capacity that I am able.

@Kyle_Marcroft I’m actually hoping to make a screencast of “make a small PR start to finish” but until then I can only point to external tutorials, etc. In general, the steps are this:

  • Fork the bokeh/bokeh repo in to your personal github account
  • Clone your fork of the repo to your local machine

Those two steps usually just happen once. Then:

  • Make a new branch for the changes, git checkout -b <branch-name>
  • Edit files on the branch
  • Commit the changes, git add <files> then git commit -m"<commit message>"
  • Push the changes to GitHub (I’m lazy so just do a bare git push then copy/paste the longer correct correct version that git errors message prints out)
  • On the GitHub web UI push the button to open a new PR

I’d say start on that and see where you get stuck and I can offer help with specifics?

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