Contouring in Bokeh

Here is a sneak preview of work underway to add contouring to Bokeh.

This is the North Atlantic Ocean using ETOPO1 (ETOPO1 Global Relief | NCEI) elevation data. There are 9 sets of filled contours for ocean depth (white to blue), and the land (elevation > 0) is contoured too.

Projection is Lambert azimuthal equal-area projection, with latitude and longitude axis labels. Some of this is really easy to do, some of it isn’t!


Looking forward to seeing this!

Great! I am very happy that your work on contour plots is progressing :slight_smile:

I saw that contourpy is in Version 1.01 on github. Will it be also implemented in bokeh as plot.contour?

There is a PR open (Add contouring by ianthomas23 · Pull Request #12020 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub) in which we are working out the best API to have. You can follow progress there.

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