Copy and paste cell value

I have a datatable with several columns and rows. I want my user to be able to copy & paste a cell value.

However in its current functioning, the full row is copied to the clipboard. How can I get around that?
I have the feeling it should be done with javascript, however the trick trying to get grid-canvas from the document is not very good as the document may have several such grid canvasses…
Is there anything within the cb_obj or the DataTable model’s source that can be used within a js callback?

I could not find any.

AFAIK this is not currently possible and only row-based selection/copying is available. This is because everywhere else in Bokeh, a selection means a “row index” in a CDS, so in order to make linking selections between plots and tables possible (which is a desirable feature) selections on tables must mean selection of rows. There might be some way to enable highlighting of text, just for copying purposes, that will not interfere with linked selections, but that’s not certain. It would require investigation and new development, so a GitHub development discussion or GitHub Issue would be appropriate.

Alright, as I have no idea how to start a discussion I’ve posted a feature request. Thanks!