Correct way to launch server within codebase

I’ve been digging through the examples for connecting to a local server.
Question, what is the proper way to push a session internally, without running bokeh serve --show from the command prompt.


I think I’m looking for an example of how to properly use output_server

If you could provide more details it would be easier to point you
in the right direction. Maybe the happiness demo has useful stuff
in it; or maybe something simpler:

On 7/19/16 8:28 AM, rick wrote:

    I think I'm looking for an example of how to

properly use output_server

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I’m trying to do something more simple, similair to the demo, but I’m having a disconnect with executing it from within the script.

Trying to do auto launch like show() but with push().

Going about it like this:




manually point browser to active session

Do I need something after pushing the update that will autolaunch the browser with the active session?

Ok, sorry for the public learning exercise… I accomplished what I was wanting to do with the following:


session = push_session(curdoc())