CRA Build error on stable bokehjs (2.2.0) branch

I have JSONs exported out that I’m trying to import into a React App.
When run locally, the import for bokehjs is parsed as expected and charts show up consistently.
craco is being used with @babel/plugin-proposal-export-namespace-from in plugins section
When the CRA app is built, the following error is encountered and breaks the UI:

  kinds.js:129 Uncaught TypeError: object is not iterable (cannot read property Symbol(Symbol.iterator))
    at new Set (<anonymous>)
    at new r (kinds.js:129)
    at er (kinds.js:206)
    at Module.<anonymous> (kinds.js:210)
    at l ((index):1)
    at Module.2795 (SimulationChart.js:7)
    at l ((index):1)
    at Object.1205 (main.6b22aa57.chunk.js:1)
    at l ((index):1)
    at t ((index):1)
r @ kinds.js:129
er @ kinds.js:206
(anonymous) @ kinds.js:210
l @ (index):1
2795 @ SimulationChart.js:7
l @ (index):1
1205 @ main.6b22aa57.chunk.js:1
l @ (index):1
t @ (index):1
r @ (index):1
(anonymous) @ main.6b22aa57.chunk.js:1

The error seems to occur on the import statement (when build is used) even Bokeh is not called.

import * as Bokeh from '@bokeh/bokehjs';

Any advise would be most appreciated.

Issue link:

Hi @shantopagla whenever you cross-post something (e.g. to Stack Overflow, or the GH issue tracker) please provide links for the benefit of anyone that may come across this later.