Create isosceles triangles

I want to create a plot which shows the wind speed with the wind direction at each point, something like this:

But I have hit a roadblock when creating the triangles which represent the wind direction. The triangle in Bokeh is equilateral and I want the triangles to be isosceles, so it clearly show the direction.

Is there a way to do this?

Can see there is a non-glyph method described here: But I feel like there should be a more elegant solution with glyphs.

This thread might be helpful… … using bokeh’s “Arrow” annotation you might be able to cook something up.

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A few comments:

  • In the upcoming 2.3 release, arrows will be “vectorizable” but ArrowHeads are not independently drawable, they only drawable as part of a full Arrow (though you could make the arrow shaft be invisible or zero-length)

  • Another option is to use the patches glyph to draw the triangles. You will just need to supply all the actual coordinates explicitly