Creating a Log Tab for Backend Processes

I have an application that queries Redshift. I want to

  1. Create a log tab of all processes that are run.

  2. Save all queries onto a tab. I’m having trouble formatting a string with proper spacing in a new tab. I’ve been trying to use the SQL string in a DESC widget, but it doesn’t format correctly with /n etc. Is there an easier way?

As always, thanks ahead for the tips!

@Greg_Black what is a DESC widget? There is nothing in Bokeh with that name.

Beyond that, this is just a very open-ended question. Speaking frankly, that’s an active dis-incentive for anyone to try to answer, because there is a great risk of spending time and effort solving the wrong problem. Generally the best way to get help is to present something concrete that you have tried and ask “How can I make this better?” (or “How can I make this work?”)