css for sliders

Hello all,

I was recently pulled into a project to create graphs with sliders and so far, Bokeh has worked perfectly. Thanks for the great work.

One request I received was to change the appearance of the sliders (change the colors and slider icon, for example). I’m pretty sure this is not available through the python API
so I thought that changing a css (something I am completely unfamiliar with) would be the best way to go. I have two questions:

First, is there a css (or some other file) in Bokeh source code that I can modify that changes the default appearance of the sliders? I see css files like


in the repo but I am not sure if those are the appropriate ones to change.

Secondly, is there an established way of changing Bokeh defaults for an entire webpage? For example, I see that for the gapminder example there is a css that is then applied using a
Jinja template.

Thanks for any help and I apologize in advance if these questions do not make sense. This is all quite new for me.