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I’ve started using bokeh in recent days and going through the process of wiring all the components to a bootstrap template. For that Ive been using this example

Everything looks to be running fine on the but cant get the embed to work… Any help?


{{ embed(roots.region) }}

This creates the page but returns the following error

ValueError: “root with ‘%s’ name not found” % key

I’m struggling to understand why. Please help.

They all work if I use…

{% for root in doc.roots %}
{{ embed(root) | indent(10) }}
{% endfor %}

however I wanted to access them individually.

Are you setting the name property of the figure, as the example does?

region = figure(..., name="region")

That is what corresponds to the name available in the template, not the Python variable name.

In this case it’s a date Picker and select.

Can we set the name into a div and call it from the the template file by setting roots.div_name?

You can set a name property value on any Bokeh model.

Been trying to understand why is it behaving like this and can’t really understand.

When there’s no data to be load I’m calling
self.doc.add_root(Div(text=“This_test”, name=“Test”))

Then, using a “select box” that calls a function I get the proper data to embed into the html page.

I call the self.doc.add_root(Div(text=“Update Data”, name=“Test”)) and instead of updating the div, it throws a new one at the bottom of the page.

Also managed to add a custom data-root-id into the desired DIV. Is there a way to throw the text inside that?

any help?

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