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Hello all,

Im trying to create my on dashboard by Bokeh and during using of “Fullscreen function” I noticed that not all charts can be correctly displayed. Just information on the background I´m using standalone charts put into dashboard by “layout”

Dashboard_layout = layout([[Chart_R1_C1, Chart_R1_C2, Chart_R1_C3,Chart_R1_C4],[Chart_R2_C1,Chart_R2_C2]],sizing_mode=‘stretch_width’)

→ each “Chart_R*_C*” is standalone chart build in separate function
If I Open stand alone chart the fullscreen works correctly but if I open fullscreen for same chart in dashboard it is not working.

Here is video: https://youtu.be/3PlSWSJUODE

Bokeh: 3.1
Python: 3.11.2
Using MS Edge: 111.0.1661.51 (tested in Firefox)

Thank you


Fullscreen support is still work in progress and only works for top-level layouts. See issue #3598.

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