Data-dashboard library for explaining the data and creating baseline ML Models (bokeh-driven!)

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I have created a python package for initial work on Machine Learning Models - you provide the data and the HTML Dashboard is created with explanation of your features and a baseline (sklearn) Model created. Documentation is here, repo is here.

Project is a mixture of different libraries, but visualizations are done mostly with bokeh. There aren’t any bokeh fireworks going on - mostly simple Visualizations being placed here and there - but the easy customization of figures allowed me to work on the (hopefully) consistent style and the design of the whole Dashboard (thank you team!). Also, everything is embedded inside HTML files - no need for bokeh server.

This is my first project that involved creating a pip package so there might be some bugs/inconsistencies going on, but I figured it’s about time I put it out in the real world and get some feedback.

Thanks a lot for all your opinions!

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Very impressive. Well designed, nice layout, and superb documentation.

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Congrats @maciek3000 on a job well. Impressive work.:+1:

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