DataTable merge cells

Hi Bokeh community,
I’m relatively new to using your library - but what I have experienced so far has been fantastic.

One issue I have encountered when trying to convert legacy excel files (sigh) has been that DataTable seems unable to do the “merge cells” action.

To be clear, I am just trying to achieve the same visuals as excel. The design pattern of flattening pandas multiindex in the underlying source makes sense to me:

All other formatting (& conditional formatting) requirements seem to have a work around, but not merging…

Any thoughts?

Bokeh’s ColumnDataSource is intrinsically column-based. In order to support something like colspan/rowspan in HTML tables, some substantial changes are required. So much so that I cannot even think of a feasible workaround.

With that being said, feature requests are definitely welcome on the Bokeh’s GitHub issues page.

I’m not sure I fully understand the ask, but I will mention two things in case they are useful.

  • There is also a DataCube widget that can collapse data in a hierarchical way. I am not sure if that is this situation or not.

  • You can always construct an HTML table of your own inside a Bokeh Div. That’s obviously quite a bit more manual work, but you could take advantage of rowspan, etc.

Thank you both. These are very helpful suggestions.

To clarify, the ask is like “multi-headers” from plotly Dash. However, it is needed for both headers and rows (which Dash tables don’t support):

@mhinds that’s a more plausible feature. It looks like the fork of slick grid supports it now:

Can you make a GitHub issue on Bokeh to request supporting this?