DataTable Themes

Is it possible to update DataTable styling attributes (e.g., background color, color, etc.) using an attribute yaml file? If so, what color styling options are available?

if this is not possible or limited, what are the options available through CSS that can be set using Python?

You can set everything with CSS in Python if you provide a custom template to Bokeh that has that CSS.

I couldn’t find any example of how to do that. I found a couple of posts in StackOverflow of specific questions, but couldn’t find an example that has all the attributes.

Also, your answer implies that I can not use a yaml theme file to set up those attributes in the same way I would do in a plot, right?

There’s no documentation on all the classes and elements that are created by Bokeh, let alone their hierarchy. Your best bet is to create a simple table and then just inspect it with your browser’s DevTools.

YAML files, if you mean themes, just set specific properties of specific models to specific values, nothing more. There are no properties that let you embed arbitrary CSS, so no, you cannot use YAML here.