DeserializationError when using pull_session with sliders example

Hi all!

Right now i’m trying to realize a web-survey that uses Django and embeds Bokeh. My current problem is understanding how to embed Bokeh in Django.
Therefore i tried to use the example at the bottom of this page on the sliders example.
I started the bokeh server for Then i opened up an interactive python shell and tried to get a session object using ''session = pull_session(url=“…”)" for further examination (… is the url bokeh serve tells me. Sorry, i am a new user and can only put two links in this post :wink: ).
I get an error from bokeh.core.serialization:
“bokeh.core.serialization.DeserializationError: can’t resolve type ‘Row’”
Am i doing something wrong?

I’m using Bokeh 3.0.3 at the moment.

kind regards,

Edit: The server is actually establishing a WebSocket connection, when i do this.

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