Dev server looks for JS on CDN while Prod server looks local

Hi All,

First off, thank you for your help on my earlier issue Bryan.

I am facing an issue where I have a Bokeh Server and when I was building it I would launch it from the shell of my Mac but when launching it on the production server using the supervisord and nginx.

The screenshot above is when launching from the shell and it seems to create ad a page.

This one is launched on the prod server using Nginx and Supervisord and does not show It seems to be looking internally instead.

Below are images of the supervisord config file and the nginx config file in case it’s of value.

As always, I am very grateful for the help.


You re hitting this bug:

It is scheduled for a fix in 3.3. In the mean time, you could set BOKEH_RESOURCES=cdn to use the remote CDN to load resources (recommended for “production” in any case, really). Alternatively you can downgrade your Bokeh version.

@Bryan Thank you so much for all your help. I have finally deployed v1.0 of my first web app as a software engineer.


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