Developing with Javascript - minimal example not working

Hello all!

I am a Python developer exploring Bokeh JS capabilities so apologies in advance if I mistaken in something very basic.

Copy & pasted the minimal example and attempted to open with chrome browser.

  1. I had to remove the “integrity” and “crossorigin” to load the libraries.
  2. After performing step 1 I get the following error:
    Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘classList’ of null
    at r (bokeh-2.2.3.min.js:572)
    at Object.t.add_document_standalone (bokeh-2.2.3.min.js:572)
    at (bokeh-api-2.2.3.min.js:51)
    at html_bokeh.html:36

Thank you for the help!

Full example:

<!doctype html>

Complete Example

The example is indeed wrong. You can fix it locally by moving the whole last script tag inside the body.


Thank you!