Difference between standalone_embed and flask_embed.py

Hello @p-himik

I am working on project were i am using python callback for running bokeh plot. So I am reading about “Embedding Bokeh Server as a Library” and got confuse in examples given.

what is difference between standalone_embed and flask_embed.py ??




I am not sure what to answer to be honest. Everything, except for the Bokeh document modification part? One embeds Bokeh in a Flask application, the other uses Bokeh as a standalone library.

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To be honest, standalone_embed.py might better be named tornado_embed.py since it demonstrates how to embed inside your own Tornado app. I guess the idea there was that Bokeh server is already based off Tornado, so this was a “standalone” tornado app and not bokeh serve but that’s probably just confusing. I’d +1 any PR to rename it.

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Hello @Bryan ,

Thanks for the reply,
Which one more suitable for production purpose?

They are all equivalent in that regard.

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Actually what i think is both the flask_embede.py & standalone_embed.py are for getting your dynamic plot working in webpage format.
For only static bokeh plot you can do plot embedding part by using standalonehtml & component way.
Coming to above mention links
if we add standalone_embed.py + flask = flask_embed.py (some how as tornado we have to use in both example for dynamic property.)
so i think standalone_embed.py is more than enough to get our plot acting dyanmic with web based.
Thank you.

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