Disable default hover (index,data(x,y),screen(x,y)

Hi folks,
I have two separate custom hover sets in my graph. However, the hover is still showing default hover data [ (index,data(x,y),screen(x,y)] alongside with my custom ones. I don’t want these defaults. Please help.

 def visualize_bokeh(self, tail_parameters):
        TOOLS = "hover,pan,wheel_zoom,box_zoom,reset,save"
        # Creating a Bokeh figure
        s1 = figure(x_axis_type="datetime", tools=TOOLS, width=1200, height=300,sizing_mode='stretch_width')
        # Setting the y-axis range name and range for Theta
        s1.extra_y_ranges['Theta'] = Range1d(start=min(tail_parameters), end=max(tail_parameters))
        # Plotting line for the Theta values
        line_theta = s1.line(self.data.index[self.window_size:], tail_parameters, width=1, 
                             line_color="black", y_range_name="Theta", legend_label='Theta')
        # Adding HoverTool for Theta
        hover_theta = HoverTool(renderers=[line_theta], tooltips=[('Date', '@x{%F}'), ('Theta', '@y{0.00}')], 
                                formatters={'@x': 'datetime'})
        # Setting the y-axis range name and range for S&P500
        s1.extra_y_ranges["S&P500"] = Range1d(start=min(self.data['S&P500'][self.window_size:]),
        line_snp = s1.line(self.data.index[self.window_size:], self.data['S&P500'][self.window_size:], width=1,
                           line_color="blue", y_range_name="S&P500", legend_label='S&P500')
        # Adding HoverTool for S&P500
        hover_snp = HoverTool(renderers=[line_snp], tooltips=[('Date', '@x{%F}'), ('S&P500', '@y{0.00000}')], 
                              formatters={'@x': 'datetime'})
        # Adding a separate y-axis for S&P500 with tick colors
                                 major_tick_line_color='blue', minor_tick_line_color='blue',
                                 major_label_text_color='blue'), 'right')
        # Show the combined graphs with twin y axes for Theta and S&P500
        s1.legend.location = "top_left"
        s1.legend.click_policy = "hide"  # Clicking on legend hides the corresponding plot
        # Display the figure

The "hover" in TOOLS adds a default hover tool that you never reconfigure (the later calls to add_tools add new, entirely different hover tool instances).

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