Display header div(Full width) in Bokeh without flask

Can anyone help me on this. I want a header(full page width) in Bokeh.

But I am getting only some width. Ofcourse i want a logo also to the left pane of header.

I used the following code to display div.

from bokeh.io import show
from bokeh.models import Div

div = Div(text="""<div style="background: #0000FF;height: 55px; width:100%;text-align: center">
		<a href="/"><img src="Logo.png" class="logo" style="float:left;width:175px;"></a>
		<h3 class="text-center text-white" style="display:inline;color:#fff;">HEADER</h3>

Please some one help me how to get full width.

Thank you.

@srikanth_jaladi the Development category is for discussions related to developing Bokeh itself. I have moved this topic to Community Support which is the proper place for usage/support questions.

Bokeh currently manages the layout of its own objects heavily. You might be able to set sizing_mode="stretch_width" to accomplish this, but it might be simple to use a custom Jinja template for the output and not rely on a Bokeh Div object for this.