Django+bokeh server no error report, but webpage shows nothing

I’m trying to use django embed bokeh server.
And it perform correctly in local machine(win10).

Now I’m tring to deploy it to a CentOs7 machine.
Django server report 0 error.
Bokeh server report 0 error.
But the webpage page show nothing, and reported.


屏幕截图 2020-09-17 104132

What is in the browser JavaScript console?

and django

Oh, so the linux server that is running the Bokeh server is not the same machine your bowser is on? (I think that must be the case). If so then the reason it does not work is because you are passing a localhost address to server_session. That will telll your browser to connect to a Bokeh server on the same machine as the browser (which is not where it is running, so connection failed). You need to use the actual real ip/hostname (and also configure the allowed websocket accordingly)

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Yes. I want everyone can browse my webpage. How should I configure allow websocket and server_sesssion?

I said above: you need to use the real hostname or IP address that the bokeh server is running on, and not

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Thank you for your patience! You are the BEST!
5 Stars! :smile:

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