Documentation fails on Opera browser

On latest Opera v71 browser the documentation doesnt jump to the wanted section ‘axes’, it jump to a random place:

kinda works on Chrome, but we don’t use that for a good reason.

Also it’s not easy to navigate in the documentation there is no TOC, or followable links eg line() command.

It’s implemented using basic HTML anchoring, without any JS, so not sure why it wouldn’t work for you.
In any case, I couldn’t reproduce it with Opera 72.0.3815.148. Or with any other browser that I have, including an ancient WebKit one.

there is no TOC

There is the overall TOC is on the left side, and the TOC for the current page is on the right. Note that one of or even both TOC can be hidden if your browser window is too narrow.

or followable links eg line() command

There are no links in the code blocks, but I don’t think that should be changed.
Often even mentions of functions or classes are not linked to their documentation page - that’s an issue, I agree. Pull requests are always welcome! Or even issues on GitHub if you want for a particular place in the documentation to link to some particular page.

Sorry, wrong link

jumping seems to work, but no in-page TOC.

Thank you!

All of these:

Are supposed to be links (and used to be, in the past). I am not sure what changed, can you file an issue on GitHub so that this can be properly tracked?

Regarding Opera, I will be completely transparent: We already dropped support for old IE and it still has ~5% market share. Opera has much less even than that. The reality is that the small core team is already stretched thin, and has to prioritize work that impacts the most number of users. So the best (only) chance that Opera support will get proper attention is if a new contributor interested enough be “Opera maintainer” decides to join the team and make it their responsibility.

Yes those are not links even on Chrome, a floating TOC would be great, like in

With this URL I dont see any difference between Opera and Chrome, which is not surprising because it’s based on Chrome without any google-spying.

created ticket github # 10613

Thanks for the issue, as I mention there I doubt we can utilize the themes floating TOC on the right because it simply does not function that way on class methods. But we can make sure the big method list at the top has links for everything the way it used to, to effectively function as a TOC.

Documentation seems indeed “jumpy” in Opera and Chrome, but works fine in Firefox. Given that Opera and Chrome use the same HTML engine (blink), I guess this behavior is a bug/feature of that engine.

I cannot reproduce it at all. Could you perhaps record a small video of this happening?

AFAIK this is a general (if uneven and intermittent) problem owing to the fact that Bokeh content is actually a program that adds things to the DOM fairly late. It especially seems to happen on any page with lots of Bokeh plots. Maybe there are things that could be done to mitigate that, at least for fixed sizing mode plots, but I am not sure about any details.

Ah, I see. So it’s not the navigation itself but rather how the page is loading.
I was pretty sure we had an issue on reserving the space for the plots in the documentation but I couldn’t find it.