Draw multi-line, push_notebook, and show tooltip

I am building an interactive bokeh app using the embedded server. After the initial plot, I allow the user to crop out a region using the BoxSelectTool. I capture the corner coordinates and draw a bracket around the cropped region using multi_line. Push_notebook() does successfully display a bracket there. Then I want to add a tooltip for the bracket. However, calling add_tools(hover) has no effect. Is there some way to do this? hover is a tooltip which I declared ahead of time during the initial drawing.

I’m afraid it’s difficult to say anything concrete without an MRE to actually run and investigate directly. Offhand I’d suggest just adding the hover tool up front with an empty renderers property, and then set the renderers property appropriately when you want to “turn it on”. That is a much less heavyweight sort of update operation.

I moved the declaration of the tooltip into the call back function and it came up right away. Thanks

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Bro,Can you please share your code

I will come back to this topic soon. right now facing other priorities. Thanks for the response and interest.