Dynamic plots for on-the-fly data

I am trying to develop a visual interface in Bokeh. The interface is such that it has three buttons of start/stop/back. On the server side (in flask), I have an algorithm that generates data iteratively. I want to generate plots for each of those individual iterations and show them on the front-end dynamically as the algorithm progresses, while also having a feature to stop the algorithm midway, or resume, go back to the previous iteration, via this visual interface. Is there a way I could achieve this using bokeh?

A similar question was asked on SO: python - Is there a way to create start/stop/back button in bokeh plots for data sent continuously from a flask back end? - Stack Overflow

I mean the answer is “certainly, yes”. But there’s always details, and it’s not possible to say much more from such a broad prompt. The best way to leverage the expertise in this forum is to make a stab at something, and come ready with some actual code in hand for folks here to try and diagnose or suggest alternatives.

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