Dynamically changing figure height

I am trying to allow the user to change the height of a figures in a subplot by using a single slider widget. I have an list of figures that I stuff into gridplot(). I use a for loop to integrate through the figures in the list and on each iteration set subplot[0].height = new

This works beautifully, except that when I make the figure larger the x-axis disappears until I make it the original size or smaller. There is only a tiny gap between figures when I make them larger. It appears that the size of this gap is constant no matter what the height of the figures is so long as it is bigger than the original size.

Any ideas what would cause this? Or what the appropriate way to update the figure height property would be?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @jbeck it’s not really possible to speculate at all without code. Please provide a complete Minimal Reproducible Example to investigate.

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