Edges converging on markers chord diagram Holoviews/Bokeh

I have the following code:


edges_df = pd.DataFrame(edges, columns=[‘source’, ‘target’, ‘weight’])

chord = hv.Chord(edges_df)

opts.Chord(cmap=‘viridis’, edge_color=dim(‘weight’), node_color=None, node_size=10, labels=‘index’,
colorbar=True, node_fill_color=None, node_marker=‘dot’)


It comes out fine, but the edge lines are always falling on different points of the segment that each node occupies in the circle. I need the edge lines to converge on the single point (marker) of each node Any ideas?

Here is an example of what I am looking for:

And here is an image of what I have now…

As far as I know, Bokeh doesn’t support chord diagrams natively, but HoloViews does.
However, HoloViews doesn’t seem to support edge bundling, in which the lines would convert to a single point.

You can have a look at these links:

I would recommend you to first post your question on the HoloViews discourse, and possibly make a feature request afterwards.

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Holoviews supports edge bundling via Datashader:


But using that feature is not a Bokeh question so I’d agree that is is best to move this discussion to the Holoviz Discourse.