Efficiently update bokeh server data

I’m trying to develop a visualization that updates over time by adding additional data points. For example, at time 0, I have x=[0], y=[1] and at time 1 I have x=[0,1], y=[1,2]. I have quite a lot of figures and multiple lines per figure, all of which need to be appended to at each time step.

I followed the bokeh server examples and use cursession().store_objects(ds) to send the whole dataset to the bokeh server.



It seems like I’m sending the whole dataset each timestep- is is possible to stream just the new values to the server somehow?

I am vaguely aware of the existence of Blaze server and bokeh-cli from encountering other posts mentioning them, but I haven’t found any documentation about how to use them, and I’m not sure if either could help in this case.

Any pointers would be appreciated!