Embed Bokeh Curdoc

Is it possible to embed bokeh curdoc. I am using curdoc().add_root(self.layout) to show my class of guitar fretboard. In curdoc, it has buttons as well as plots.

I tried doing:
html = file_html(curdoc(), CDN, “my plot”)

Thank you

also for this i got. html = file_html(self.layout, CDN, “my plot”)

You are generating standalone HTML/JS output, but trying to use real Python
callbacks (i.e. with on_change or on_event). This combination cannot work.

Only JavaScript callbacks may be used with standalone output. For more
information on JavaScript callbacks with Bokeh, see:


Alternatively, to use real Python callbacks, a Bokeh server application may
be used. For more information on building and running Bokeh applications, see:


@anoSF The message tries to be clear. Things like on_change callbacks can only function with a Bokeh server app, because the Bokeh server is the the Python process that runs the callback code. file_html only generates standalone, static HTML that is not connected to any Python process, so on_change callbacks cannot function.

It’s not really clear what your actual situation or goal here is, so it is hard to advise further. First things first: are you running a Bokeh server? If so are you asking how to embed that in other pages? If that is the case, then there are special APIs just for embedding Bokeh server apps:


If that’s not the case then you’ll need to explain the overall setup and situation in more detail.

yes i am running a server. I do bokeh serve --show fileName.py and it will call curdoc().add_root(self.layout). I want to be able to embed that into another webpage, maybe using HTML or some kind of framework. I want it to be able to manipulate the data.

I did use server_document() and got the following and just directly copy and paste into my HTML page but it doesn’t appear.

script id="p1753">
    (function() {
      const xhr = new XMLHttpRequest()
      xhr.responseType = 'blob';
      xhr.open('GET', "http://localhost:5006/autoload.js?bokeh-autoload-element=p1753&bokeh-absolute-url=http://localhost:5006", true);
      xhr.onload = function (event) {
        const script = document.createElement('script');
        const src = URL.createObjectURL(event.target.response);
        script.src = src;

Are there any messages in the browser’s JS console? That is where errors on the JS side of things will show up.

And what about the Bokeh server console log? I expect there is a corresponding error about disallowing the webscocket connection. In which case you need to set --allow-websocket-origin to tell Bokeh what origins are allowed (the error message has actionable details).

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