Enquiry-Based Learning for Science and Engineering

Hello everyone,

We started this project to encourage enquiry based learning in Science and Engineering education utilizing Bokeh. We got the support of two undergraduates (Anna Moragne and Brian Lucas) to work on this program as part of Mountaintop Program at Lehigh University.

Anna/Brian have come up with an interactive way to describe two science and engineering problems. Zero Energy Cooling Chamber and SEIR (Susceptible-Exposed-Infected-Recovered) disease model, which are planning to be used as part of the curriculum this Fall. We also added a Sequential Reactions for Chemistry/Chemical Engineering. These pages can be accessed below:

Anna/Brian were able to use Sequential Reactions example as a template and utilizing detailed documentation of Bokeh, were able to work independently throughout the project. It is a testament to how well documented Bokeh is.

We received positive feedback from undergraduate students of Science and Engineering at Lehigh. In summary:

The models are easy to understand and the accompanying information was helpful. Most people used their computers to access the website. They thought the homepage design was very easy to use.

We look forward to using these modules for courses this Fall.


Hi @swamilikes2code,

This is really wonderful. They’re a great mix of classic chart types, interactivity, and then in the infectious disease outbreak model, chart types we don’t see very many of in Bokeh examples (yet!).

We’d like to tweet about these projects if it’s okay with you; if so, is there a Twitter handle we should tag?

Thanks so much for sharing!

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Thank you for the positive feedback and I have shared it with the whole team. Anna worked on the infectious disease outbreak model, setting up the Network Graph Plot working off of Bokeh Documentation.

I am trying to obtain the final presentation made as part of a press conference at Lehigh University. It has a good outline of what we tried to accomplish with demo of each example. Waiting on the recording to be released. The code is open source (GNU General Public License) at this GitHub repo.

Anna/Brian are students who will be looking for opportunities soon. Only myself and Lehigh University have twitter handles. Are LinkedIn handles okay? Since it will be beneficial for them. I requested permission from everyone and they are fine with tagging their LinkedIn/Faculty pages below.



Raghu - @raghulikes2code


Lehigh University Program Name which sponsored the project - @LehighU

We post our Twitter content simultaneously on LinkedIn also, so I’ll be sure to link to their profiles there. Thank you! And best of luck to Anna and Brian!


Thank you @carolyn .

Video of final summer presentation is uploaded on Vimeo now. Have added relevant screenshots to the original post.


@carolyn Happy to report our proposal for a short talk at PyData global was accepted. Anna and Brian will be presenting their work this Fall at PyData Global.


That’s wonderful to hear! We look forward to seeing it. Congratulations, Brian and Anna!