Equivalent Hydraulic Conductivity

Little app I made that calculates equivalent hydraulic conductivity parallel and perpendicular to an n-layered system. It’s aimed as a tool for hydrogeologists to make quick “back of the envelope” calculations when they have a complex layered system that they want to simplify down to only two parameters → hydraulic conductivity governing flow parallel to the layers (which is dominated by the most conductive layer), and flow perpendicular to the layers (which is dominated by the least conductive layer). There’s a linked reference in the app for those interested (the math is quite simple).

Shoutout/big thanks to @Bryan and @mateusz for providing enough BokehJS documentation and code snippets between here and GH for me to be able to figure out how to instantiate new widgets/models dynamically and add them to a layout, within a CustomJS callback :smiley:


This looks and reacts very nice, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing, this is great.

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