Existing tools disappear from toolbar

when, I create and add Hover-tooltips, existing tools such as ‘pan’,‘zoom in’ ,‘reset’ disappear from the toolbar.
How can I retain existing tools such as ‘pan’,‘zoom in’ ,‘reset’ in toolbar plus
Hover tools I created ?
Is it possible to create a separate toolbar for custom hover tools in bokeh?
How can I adjust number of tools in a toolbar?

when I did,
p.tools.append (HoverTool(tooltips=title_obj_arr,
name=name )
one tool disappear (pan, then ‘zoom-in’)


Hi @ahmettemiz88 I’ve never seen or heard of anything like that, so more information is needed:

  • version information
  • complete minimal script to test
  • screenshots can be helpful

Thank you Bryan,
I think toolbar_sticky=False brings the solution by preventing axes from limiting the added tools’ appearance.

I don’t really see how toolbar_sticky could have any effect, since all it controls is whether the toolbar is allowed to overlap the same border space axes are. As I mentioned we are happy to investigate but would need a complete, minimal, reproducer.